Yo-Yo video my freind and I made

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN3qe5VIt-o  feedback appreciated.

i’m the guy in the middle of the video after the 5A.

You guys are good!

Awesome throwing!!

It’s a little dark to see all the tricks. I think that window in the background is making your camera adjust the contrast to make it a darker video. Next time you shoot a video, try having a window to the outside in front of the person yo-yoing instead of in front of the camera. So have the camera in front of a window pointing inside at a wall.

^^ actually we had the room really bright and when we uploaded it to the computer it was fine but after YouTube upload it darkend for some reason. also anybody have any suggestions for how to make a better video?

does anyone else have comments?

well, ither youre 5a guy missed some of the tricks, ore he took a long pause in between every trick

actually he missed some but some went on a little long, but he is just a beginner at 5A so don’t complain.

you guys are pretty good but can you beat me who is a master and can do all string tricks and counter weight tricks… no offense :slight_smile:

Yeah, you totally aren’t bragging.

no offense MasterThief counterwieght is hard to do and since I don’t have high speed learning tricks is difficult for me.

nice job!

Nice. You need more light to see your tricks. Good job anyway!


Great job. I’m impressed with the thumb grind and walking your yo-yo across your hand, yoyoman. I’d like to be able to do both of those.

One thing Phiz… Practice.

Nice, keep practicing. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]