Cool Yoyo Videos


The video I was trying to put on was to big of KB so if you want to see it please go to



please let me know how good the videos are on a scale of 1-10


I’d give them a 3-4. The yoyoing is pretty intermediate, but the string is MUCH too long. The tricks don’t really flow, and just seemed to be elements thrown together. The editing worked, but it could be better. You have a lot of potential. You just have to work at it a little more.


well ive only been yoyoing for a little under 3 months


I thought it was good for 3 months. Work on what Samad suggested though. Try to smoothen things out. I find it easier to play smoother (which I’m still trying to work on) if you have a song going through your head when you play.


ok thanks for the advice


shorter string would really boost the speed and fluidity. id shorten mine if my hands wert too big.


k I think the string is too long to is the yoyoexpert string ok


yye still is kinda long string


where can i get the best kind of string

(Zach Smith) #11

I mean most string is essentially the same. You have to cut the string yourself. Your string should come from the floor to your belly button or a little shorter.


i dont know how to cut it myself

(Zach Smith) #13


(Yo!It'sMatt) #14

Scissors, cut, Tie knot.


Just a normal Slipknot?


Whoa, lol. Cut that string like, in half.
And buy a Renegade.


ok and why is it bad to have long strings because i prefer them more for string tricks

(Zach Smith) #18

Because learning pn short string makes everything smoother and not retarded looking.


i got new string so it should look faster in my next video

(Jonathan Brasell) #20

I’m a little foggy on cutting string from a roll as well, but thinking eventually I’ll want to go that route. Do you have to twist it yourself? or is it already twisted like normal and you just have to tie a knot on both ends? that seems like it’d be clumsy to have a knot around the axle? Searched youtube a little, but didn’t see what I was looking for right away.