my first yoyo video

this is my half year yoyo vid. i am using the ilyy FURY. let me know what you think.

i have been yoyoing for half a year too. haha. i like the vid

also like the huge squid ;D

doing good! learn to throw a breakaway though :slight_smile:

cool nice vid

That vid was sick!
I have been yoyoing for a little over half a year, and that is much better than I can do.

nice, but you need to cut your string, it might feel funny at first but it looks alot better on film :wink:

i am practicing my breakaways. i don’t get as good a spin when i throw a breakaway. i am also more comfortable when the yoyo is spinning away from you. thanks though! i appreciate it.

very nice video. Your doing well for half a year. Loved the ladder escape at the end. Looks like your string is a lil on the long side. keep up the good work.

your string is deffinently too long. but that ladder escape made my day! i loved how determined you were to land it… and then you pulled it off! i really hope i am as good as you in a few months, this was very inspirational! keep it up!

wow really nice vid for six months i was impressed :slight_smile:

thanks. i am getting the hang of my breakaways. it is making the tricks i do a lot easier. i appreciate all your comments. now i am practicing revolutions and black hops.

you make me jealous. :o :’(

wow. either i started yo yoing at a late age, 17. or you’re starting really early.
you’re really good. keep it up, you’ll be a pro one day

thanks everybody! i really appreciate all your comments. you probably started late because i know lots of people my age with yoyos.

cutting string is for noobs. once you get into epic string tricks you need lots more string

yeah you need to cut your string to belly button lengnth. but any way nice vid!

You don’t have to cut it too short, just enough so you don’t hold the string at your head, and it’s easier with slightly shorter string.

i know. i am already used to how long the string is. i will get taller. i see no reason for me to cut the string.