test video

Hey there guys, i just made that video to see how this tricks looks like from 3rd person and I feel preatty conufused by them.

First of all my breakaway looks  a bit strange isnt it ? I was working a lot on that trick Turbo repeater  but it still doesnt look like on that video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv6HJwWjQIk:< same with hawk repeater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iH848Yb6oY

i am not sure if smoothenes of those tricks will come with time and practice only ? what if i am doing  something wrong technically?
Tbh i think i loosing my motivation :<

here is link to my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-B0oYruqYU&feature=youtu.be some of them are done twice just to compre them cause everytime when i am doing them i feel like like i am doing them in different ways

Obviously I’m no yoyo expert, but yes your breakaway does look “strange” and I understand your frustration for learning a trick and it not looking like how it was shown in another video.

Here are the two key points I got from watching it a few times, and I’m sure someone else can add to this:

  • On your breakaway, you seem to be throwing the yoyo more out and to the right instead of more straight down from where your arm extends.  Don’t worry about the yoyo not moving then to your left as the momentum of your arm extending out to throw it should take care of that.  TL;DR try emphasizing throwing the yoyo more straight down than out on your breakaways.
  • Your string length looks fairly long.  You may be a tall person, but do know that the longer the string, the slower your tricks are going to look.  Also, if your string is too long it’s very hard to throw breakaways, and you’ll have to physically move your body and arms/hands to create enough momentum in your tricks.  This is possibly another issue with your breakaway.
  • Watch the repeater tricks again and take note of where he emphasizes the speeding up of the yoyo throughout the trick.  Even if you perform this trick “correctly” by hitting all of the moves, if you don’t have the correct flow, it won’t look nearly the same.  Again as pointed out above, if you have a shorter string it may be easier to make the yoyo flow more quickly throughout the trick.

Also, as many others will say, don’t give up.  Every hobby has its frustrations as most things in life.

You can choose to quit or you can choose to get better.  It’s really up to you :).

Technically everything looks correct. smoothness and speed comes with time but not only with the practice of these tricks. once you have these consistent go find some others to learn, expand your arsenal and when you come back you will be able to do them better then ever.

Honestly, getting a trick to look good and the look how the guy in the video does is the hardest part. When I am learning tricks I can get them in usually about 2 hours, then get them consistent in a few days. But to get them smooth and flawless, especially if they involve new elements I have never done, takes muchhhhhhhhhh longer.

Just remember every time you practice you are getting better at every trick you know, even if just a little. Good Luck!

Speaking of length of the string: when I bring my middle finger witch yoyo attached, to my belly-button
yoyo sits on the ground, and yes i got about 189cm height, i ll try shorten the string

Keep us updated with what worked (if anything). :slight_smile:

i shortened string a bit, tbh a very little bit,its not hanging in the air when i hold my middle finger near navel, and i am trying to throw yoyo more straight down but now it often bents :< but i keep practicing :slight_smile:

You’ll get used to the throwing form. It just takes some time. But once you get it you’ll never forget it :).