How long did it take you to get the breakaway right

Hey guys, I started with my classic and got down some tricks like the brain scrambler and barrel rolls, etc. My new yoyo, the protostar, has arrived recently and I’ve very much enjoyed it. I realise that a large majority of intermediate to advanced tricks start with a breakaway.
Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to get your breakaway down good. Like so that you could do it reliably well. For me, it is almost impossible to throw the breakaway and have it sleep perfectly perpindicular to the ground.
I have tried to do a conventional throw, just turned out to the side, similarly to the breakaway. Although I am better at this then the proper breakaway, I am still not very good at it and I would prefer to be throwing the proper breakaway anyway.

Please, please give me your experiences and any tips.


Breakaways take awhile, but I promise that if you stick to it you’ll get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can, if you want, practice throwing them so that your throw hand continues to be facing forward (instead of your arm and hand facing sideways like you’re pumping a weight) and just have it so that the yoyo is thrown sideways and the string wraps over your index finger.

Not sure if that makes sense, but it helps you get it smooth from my experience without any awkward “weight pumping” motion ;D

do it slowly and asses how you are doing it… you find your mistakes and get break away solid.

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;D :-[ ;D
I still throw it as if I was making a sideways muscle, it just works for me

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing. And thanks for the encouraging words.

Yeah honestly I can’t remember when my breakaways were choppy looking. I guess it really does just smooth out with time.

I think it took me around 2-3 weeks to get it down consistently. When I was teaching kids how to yoyo, I do remember from videos that mentioned curl your arm like your flexing and showing your biceps, but what I told the kids to first do it getting the hang that a yoyo will be going parallel to your shoulders. Although it may sound weird, I would first have the twist their upper body to the direction of where they’re wanting to throw, twist right if you’re right handed, left if you’re left handed. And you’ll throw a typical sleeper, but instead of it going to the same side as your throw hand, but now to go parallel to where your feet is placed. At first the angle will be not exactly parallel, but I felt this way gave your body a feel of how a different way of travel that aren’t frontal type tricks.

Once you get used to the way the yoyo travels, doing the arm flexing thing comes much easier to transition into.

I hope this works…I know it may sound weird.

To long. It sometimes feels really unnatural and awkward, but after about a month, you can do it with ease and well, then after about 2 months, you can do it unmindfully. After about a year, you don’t really think about it anymore, you just do it.

I basically ignored my breakaways until about 6 or 7 months into my yoyoing lol. But when I actually saw that I should breakaway it didn’t take long to get the hang of it.

Break away is one of those tricks where you just keep trying to do it, and it gets better. Kinda like a propper punch in any martical art. Anyone can KINDA do it, but it takes lots and lots of practice of doing it over and over, doing little touches here and there. I just practiced my break away as i did tricks. Made tricks harder, but i learned breakaway i think much faster.

The breakaway mastery varies between everyone. I just practiced my breakaway for about 2 weeks, and that was all I did. I looks and feels much better now! I don’t mean that’s what you have to do, just practice your breakaway 5 minutes every time you have the chance to pick up a yoyo. IT WILL HELP A LOT!

I took me a like two days to learn it when I saw it. But I still throw awkward break aways. I’m relearning most stuff right now on fixed axle yoyos.

It definitely took me a while, but i spent a solid two to three days just throwing trapezes for about five hours a day until i could do it every time. funny thing about yoyoing is that it may not seem like it, but practice can make what once seemed impossibe, into routine. as much as you probably dont want to hear it, just keep practicing.