Break away

Every time i throw a break away it dies fast and turns side ways i need help

Put your back to a wall, and practice throwing straighter breakaways.

just try turning around in the direction you throw your yoyo and see what’s happening. Then slowly turn until you are in a normal breakway position. if you cant do it normally, then turn back to your right and see what’s wrong. For everything I can’t do, I analyze to see the problem.

what yoyo are you using? it may be the yoyo

Try throwing a good, straight sleeper. Do it in slow motion. Now do the exact same thing, except sideways. Make a muscle, make sure the yoyo is straight in your hand, and let it rip. Same as the sleeper, but with more swing to it. If you can, try talking to someone who can throw an expert breakaway.
Mostly, just believe you can do it, and practice.

This is good advice. Doing this lead to me throwing very strong and straight.
You could post a video of what you’re doing and then it would be easier for people on this board to determine what you may be doing wrong.