Tips for a not tilted/strong break away?

subject says it all. my breakaways die quickly since i can never throw them straight :frowning:

what should i do?

Lean against the wall and throw, or throw over a straight line. The idea is to train yourself to throw straight. Once you throw straight, the spin strength will come eventually.

Yeah if you have a tiled floor in your house try to line up the yoyo with one of the cracks when you throw.

I would think to just act like your going for just a normal straight sleeper, but turning your body while keeping your arm in the same place and try to see if you can get a straight throw from that.

The way I learned them is trial and error. But what I did was I threw in front of me then I walked to the side. I gradually started throwing at an angle and kept increasing the angle I threw it at and decreasing the amount I had to rotate my body. Also that standing-against-a-wall tactic works good

Practice Practice Practice

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A tip that I find to help all is, when you bring your hand around, it should be a smooth, fluid motion. You also want to, while releasing, keep your hand as straight as possible.

Also, the motion I’m talking about is a rolling motion. Until the yoyo has officially left your hand, don’t begin to rotate your hand to go with the “flow” of the yoyo.

Throwing along a wall or line is fine, but the real problem is that the yoyo is tilting when you let go of it. Correct it on the next throw by slightly twisting your wrist the opposite direction of the twist. Adjust as needed on subsequent throws. Eventually you will develop a feel for the correct position of your wrist when you release.

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practice practice practice.and then practice again

whats the standing against the wall thing?

Some people suggest facing a wall to practice a break away so that you can see if it’s going straight across your body when you throw. They say it helps you throw straighter. Idunno…