Straightening Out The Breakaway

Hi I’m new to the YYE forums, so excuse me if I break any forum-courtesies, etc.

Anyways, I’ve been yoyoing for a while now, and as of recent, I can’t seem to throw a breakaway straight to save my life. Im extremely frustrated and want to have this solved. the yoyo always ends up brushing against the string or just comes out crooked. Could it be my string is too long? I’m about 5’7, and the end of the string comes just above my hip when resting on the ground. Is it something else? I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s thoughts on this, and how they adjusted.

stand with your back against the wall and then throw as usual.

You can stand with you back away from a wall and try to throw a break away… Try not to hit the wall, it should straighten your throw.

Honestly, the more practice you do in throwing, the better it will get. Don’t give up! Take your time and try to throw straight, and just have fun! It is going to come with time, and trust me on this.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

Standing at a wall to throw will probably not help. That trick is more of an aid in landing a trapeze.

What you need to do is work on a straight throw - one that doesn’t tilt. Just do a throw down and watch to yoyo. If it tilts twist your wrist slightly in the opposite direction on the next throw, adjust as needed on subsequent throws. Translate what you learn to a sideways throw, and again, adjust as needed.

Exaggerate your wrist when you throw.
Like, twist your wrist more of a certain way and keep it that way when you throw and follow through!

Also try different breakaway techniques… At first i was using muscle with yoyo at ear, and my throws were never straight no matter how hard i tried… now im doing it more in front of my chest at my shoulder and it works much better… Theres also the doorknob throw (although its harder to get a strong sleep), so try em all and see if one ‘clicks’ :slight_smile:

Can’t do the doorknob throw. I have a near-OCD obsession with having my yoyo string exactly at a particular part of my finger, with the slipknot tightened up so that the string comes from exactly the middle.

The doorknob throw twists the string around sometimes (the way I’m trying it, at least!) and unless I have a heck of a tight slipknot, I fear for my yoyo going flying. It’s an irrational fear since my finger angle is such that it’s nearly impossible for that to happen, but it preys on my mind in such a way that I cannot throw that way with any sort of confidence or ability.

I don’t have any great tips. My throws aren’t consistently straight, either, especially when I’m not paying close attention. But when paying attention, I do pretty much what jhb says… make small adjustments and try to commit the right “feeling” to memory and built the muscle memory as well.

Thanks yallz! Imma hit the practice after finals this week:p. I will take all these into consideration, and I appreciate the help big time!