Straighter Breakaway?

Hey guys, any advice on how to throw a straighter breakaway? My regular sleeper is getting a lot stronger, sleeps for a decent amount of time now, but my breakaway is still lacking.
I can land it in trapeze pretty easily, but it dies out pretty soon after.

I’ve noticed that it tends to rub against the side of the yo-yo that is closest to me when I throw. Where should I be aiming? Do I want to throw it perfectly straight to the side (as if my shoulder formed a line and the yoyo continues along that line) or should I aim out in front more, or back behind more? How much of the speed should come from my elbow rather than my wrist snap? Should I extend my elbow all the way out?

honestly if you throw your 1A like 5A it makes it a bit easier.


What I do is fold my are so the palm is across my chest. Then I whip it out.

I think I’ve seen Xdohl mention a really good thing to do. Stand a few inches from a wall, then throw a breakaway without the yoyo touching the wall. I have not tried this myself, but Xdohl knows what he’s talking about, so you are in good hands.

Is that with my back to the wall or facing the wall?

Facing the wall.

I reccomend not trying this with a metal ;D

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I recommend not learning breakaway on a metal. Get plastic.

Yes, that is my method of choice. It helped me, at least.

I recommend just looking at your hand when you throw and in slow motion move your hand like your going to do a breakaway but don’t let go of the yoyo. See if your hand is straight. Keep doing that untill you are sure that you will throw a straight breakaway and throw a breakaway. it helped me and now I can throw breakaways longer than my regular sleeper.

at least when your trying to get it down you dont want to throw it down. more like to the side but when you do move your elbow first but keep your wrist still for a lil bit and then SNAP your wrist cause thats where most of the force comes from. if you do discus in track its the same thing but your whole arm in discus is like your wrist in throwin