Breakaway tips?

Hi there, I’ve been a yoyo enthusiast when I was young, and is seeking to reclaim a lost hobby of mine.

But I’ve been encountering a problem with throwing the yoyo to the side.

How the heck is it actually done?
Do you snap your wrist? I’m looking at the double or nothing video, and he just looks like he throws it with a snap and a flick?

I can’t seem to just throw the yoyo sideways without getting it to ‘tilt’ and sputter. Some tips would be appreciated.

It’s like throwing a forward throw, but to your side.(If that makes sense)
For example: you throw the yoyo, then turn your body 90 degrees and its as though you threw a breakaway. In conclusion, pretend your throwing a forward throw but to your side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try finding yomega’s dvd on yoyoing. It has some very helpful tips on breakaways.

It is important to keep the breakaway in a plane in front of you. So the reason your throw may be wobbling out is that some part of the hand hold or the motion you are doing may not be fully in line with that plane.

If you are thowing the breakaway like you throw to the front, except to the side (like making a muscle), then when you throw in a vertically strait motion, it’s likely that you will have to step or move back to get your body out of the plane. This is simple enough, but something to consider if you are throwing this way and trying to keep things in a plane.

The other way, which takes a litte getting used to, but is well worth it, is to hold the yoyo as pictured below and throw with your hand already out in the plane just in front of you. You can see it in plenty of videos, but written out it goes something like this: Hold as shown below, stick your throw elbow out to the side almost as high as your shoulder with the yoyo in front of you (yoyo aligned with the plane) and your arm almost parallel to the ground. Then snap your hand around like you are making a big comma in front of you and snap your hand/fingers around the yoyo as you do this to put some zip on the throw. (At first you are going to want to make sure you have a good bind on the previous throw, as a snag on a move like this can result in the yoyo hitting your face. Not so fun.)

Have fun.

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hihi, nice to see someone from the same country posted in here. MALAYSIA BOLEH ! xD

by the way, you aren’t snapping your wrist actually. let me make it clear and easy for ya.

Breakaway is such that you throw a sleeper, then turn your body sideways so that the yoyo swings left and right in front of you instead of swinging front and backwards. That’s what breakaway is all about.

however, the better you go, you dont wanna do a sleeper then turn sideways, that’s not cool :frowning:

so, there are two methods of throwing your breakaway instead of sleeper then turn sideways.

first, you hold your yoyo parallel to your body, raise your arm up like you wanna do a sleeper, and throw it. watch your yoyo coming out in sideways :smiley: at first, ur yoyo may tilt as you r not throwing it straight enugh. thats normal and common. u need some practice to let ur hand to get used to the feel of the motion then you will get your yoyo straight enugh and will not tilt.

the other one, which in my opinion not so recommended , is the “door knot” method like what MattB stated. the reason why i don’t recommend because you cant get a stronger throw for more complicated tricks. but the problem can overcome when you get used to it though.

anyway, keep practising it. u can try the door knot or the common method. try to watch Worlds YoYo contest videos and observe how they get their arms ready for breakaway (usually in start of the video !) Andre Boulay has a great tutorial on it in YYE here.

good luck :wink:

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I’ve tried the method like in MattB’s picture, but even with my forefinger snugged up against my loop, I find the slipknot rotates just a little bit around my finger and that puts me off bigtime. I don’t know if I just have an obsessive compulsion, but if my slipknot isn’t centered and snug on my finger, I feel like I’m all out of wack.

So I end up using the “sideways sleeper” type throw. So far so good.

Thanks for the replies guys. Training now in the sleeper style. The tips came in handy, and that snap throw looks like something I want to pick up. Guess all I need is practice.

well the first thing you want to do is make it like you are making a mustle, throw the yoyo and your arm down and just let go. if you snap your wrist i think it might help. but just keep practicing :wink: