Breakaway trouble (I need help!)

whenever i do a breakaway and land into a trapeze, the yoyo somehow tilts toward me. I have been yoyoing for a few weeks. I’m already in the advanced section. I have been able to do Tricks such as the matrix, buddha’s revenge, kwijibo etc from a regular sleeper. But every time I do a trick like that from a breakway, the yoyo tilts toward me. Am i doing something wrong? I throw my breakaways as hard and as straight as i can. no matter what, the yoyo will still tilt toward me. I need help. :frowning:

How are you gripping the yoyo when you throw it? You might want to try and hold it differently, see if that helps

i grip the yoyo as i usually would for a sleeper. Is there any kind of way i should grip it?

practice your breakaway as much as possible. Especially early on you need to make sure you get it down. Even though it may be boring, as you might want to try different, more complex tricks, try just throwing a breakaway and catching it over and over again. The breakaway is tough to learn, but there’s nothing worse than watching yoyoers throw side style tricks out of a regular sleeper and turning their body. It just looks sloppy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips kermalkersh888, I’ll practice as much as I can! :slight_smile:

You’ll get it eventually. I don’t have a perfect, consistent breakaway all the time yet, either… sometimes I just practice the breakaway by itself (per above advice) but other times when I just want to continue and throw tricks, I will correct “off” throws before continuing with the trick.

The ability to correct is something you’ll inevitably need one way or the other some day, so you could treat it as practice as well. :wink:

If you throw a frontstyle sleeper, then pivot your body around and go into a trapeze, does the yoyo start to tilt again? If so, it may be that you are inadvertently moving one hand or the other forward and introducing tilt (the kind of tilt you would use for corrections, but this time it’s actually accomplishing the opposite!).

While I was waiting for my first wide-gap unresponsive yoyo for 1A play, I used to just throw tonnes of breakaway-to-trapeze with a Raider. Maybe using a “modified shape” yoyo during your breakaway practice would help out?

@GregP Usually whenever I use a frontstyle sleeper to do a trapeze, the yoyo doesn’t tilt. I do the same thing but with a breakaway, the yoyo tilts. I keep my hands align to prevent the yoyo from tilting, but that doesn’t work. I also have a modified shape yoyo, I’ll just practice on that. And I’m pretty sure correcting “off” throws will help me as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is usually caused by your throwhand not being lined up straight… if you land in a trapeze and then move your throwhand forward or backward it will cause the string to rub the side of the yoyo and it will tilt it one way or the other.

Just practice throwing a trapeze and then hold your throwhand a little forward (away from your body) and then do the same and move your throwhand backwards (closer to your body) and you should see what i’m talking about.

Hope it helps

^^^ What he said. It sounds like you just need to learn tilt control.

When you are in a Trapeze and the yoyo starts tilting towards you, try moving your throwhand in towards your body - this should make the yoyo correct the tilt.

try seeing how you are throwing it don’t throw it hard

Snap your wrist perfectly straight, it’s essential to the trick.