Breakaway help

Iv’e been yoyoing for a little bit and ive gotten through alot of the intermediate tricks but now I this is coming back to haunt me. I have neglected to really learn/practice breakaway. This is definitely a problem. When I practice the yoyo does either 1 of 2 things. It either spins on a tilt almost sideways before spinning out after a couple of seconds. Or I can do the breakaway and maybe even land it in a trapeze before the yoyo starts to rotate around then spin out. Help please. :C

Yeah I know what you’re talking about I went without learning BreakAway until I hit Advance Part 2… What you need to do is just keep practicing I took a while to get it as well and it’s still not perfect this stuff takes time just watch the video and keep on practicing…

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i learned it very fast but now i cant make trapeze because i cant hit on string :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah Im having that problem now, my breakaway doesn’t spin out anymore now I just can’t land it on the string well for trapeze

my trick is to turn sideways, throw a normal sleeper and turn the other again so i am on the right side

Re-watch the video. Break-away isn’t that hard, but it appears you’re not throwing hard enough. I’ve been throwing almost 3 months now and my break-away is really straight. it’s not as strong as I’d like but I’m working on that. I’m landing double or nothing no problem, but often it just doesn’t spin long enough, which tells me I need to throw harder.

Remember, most issues are resolved through practice.

If you’re trying to to Breakaway like in the video, I’m fairly sure that yoyo is setup to be responsive and is thick lubed. Once I dropped thin lube into my half-spec bearing, I couldn’t do the following like in the video:

Forward pass
Around The World

If I want to do those for now, I just use a Yomega Fireball until I replace that with an Unleashed soon.

Keep practicing. You’ll get it.

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Practise standing in front of a wall - that’ll help force you to throw parallel to your shoulders.

Once you can land a Trapeze it’s not a huge problem if the yoyo is tilted as you can correct the tilt by moving your throwhand backward or forward.

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Look closely at your throw. Then analyze the problem. You’l figure out a way, everyone’s different. And you don’t have throw like that, I throw breakaways by holding the yoyo sideways which means I hold the rims only.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

lol i did the exact same thing till i got to skin the gerbil and it kept hitting me in the hand on the first loopy thing

Look in the mirror and look at how you’re holding the yo-yo before you throw a breakaway.
You may notice that you’re hand is actually tilting the yo-yo causing it to die easily.

Hope I made sense.

happened to me to

Man, this is helpful. I’ve been having the same problem with my break away. I just got a Lyn Fury and thought that maybe that was why - just not used to it yet. But I need to look at my hand and wrist as to how I’m throwing it. I want to get this down before moving on. So I guess its practice practice practice!

One question though - would speed bearing help with this? Giving it a longer spin time…

It doesn’t apparently matter as it is your throw not spin time. If you are working to get through tricks though, it would help.
It’s the throw not the yo (dynikus’s message)

I remember a year ago i was at this yoyo class and you had to a side throw (breakaway), so the guy next to me did it, but the teacher said " You need more side to your throw" Lol :D, Anyway, when I teach some friends, I Tell they to put the yoyo up like your flexing, all the way back to ur ear, then throw it with your elbow almost about to hit your side, then flip your hand over

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If you have any yoyos that are responsive but still sleep moderately well, throw a TON of hard breakaways. If tilting continues to be a problem you could your yoyo with your throwhand thumb in the gap as you let it roll off your hand.
(Imagine throwing it like you were playing 5a except theres no counterweight)

I’m not great at explaining things like that in words but hopefully you get the point.

wait you found a yoyo class thats awesome