Clean breakaway help?

This will probably sound silly, but I am having a hard time getting really clean breakaway throws onto the trapeze. Interestingly enough, I can double-or-nothing and Houdini mount but I miss the trapeze about a third of the time. Is there a “best” way to throw the breakaway so it stays parallel to the front of your body? I’ve tried different grips with similar results.



I just throw the yoyo up and do a regen in a breakaway direction downwards, most fun way to throw IMO. lol


Don’t try to throw too hard - just focus on throwing smooth and straight. Some folks also hold the yoyo a little differently for throwing breakaways vs a front throw.
As for landing in the trapeze - I actually pull my TH a little bit as it comes around to sorta pull the yoyo into the trapeze, kinda like when you’re landing from Eli Hops.


When doing man on the flying trapeze keep the string length between your NTH finger and the yoyo short as the yoyo comes around. The closer the yoyo is to your finger the easier it is to catch.


I keep it as short as I can, I think my main issue is throwing it on a plane that is parallel to my body.

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To throw the breakaway start with the yoyo in your TH and (assuming you are right handed) hold your arm straight out to the right. Shape your arm like you are “making a muscle” with your bicep. Extend your throw arm straight out to the right while angling down and around to the left. Again though, the real key to man on the flying trapeze is a short distance between your NTH finger and the yoyo when it comes around.


Fair enough, guess there is no trick to replace experience!

On a side note, are “organic” yoyo shapes inherently more wobbly? I’m throwing a First Base.


Not in my experience. If the yoyo seems to be wobbly it’s a thing that gets better with practice generally speaking. One thing you can do to correct the yoyo on a wobbly throw is catch the yoyo on man on the flying trapeze. With both hands in front of you push the string coming from your throw hand forward and then backward. Keep your non throw hand stationary. The string in the gap of the yoyo will touch (rub against) the inner walls of the yoyo and straighten the yoyo out.


Vegabomb always gives great info but I’m going offer another suggestion to go along with his greatness. All hail vegabomb!

Have you tried this break away to trapeze in a whole-part-whole type of practice?
Whole: You threw the break away and didn’t connect with the trapeze.

Part: Try just dangling the yoyo, doesn’t need to be spinning, from your throw hand. Place the string between your index finger and middle finger of the non throw hand. Hold the non throw still and move the throw hand away.
The yo should follow the string up to your non throw hand index finger. Adjust the speed so it comes over the index and hits the string. (just need to hit the string not land on the string.)
When you can hit the string consistently move on to part two.

Part 2: Throw the yoyo down let it spin at the end of the string from your throw hand. Proceed as in the previous part, placing the string between the index and middle fingers of the non throw hand. Move the throw hand away, raising and swinging the yo over the index finger landing on the string.

Whole: Do it!


I throw a breakaway with a different hold than a front throw. I hold the yoyo from the side of the yoyo with thumb under neath crossing both rims and with first and second fingers over the top also crossing both rims. The yoyo is already in the plane of the throw, I lift my TH up by my temple and out front a bit (in the plane of the throw) with my elbow out to the side and then throw (the throw reminds me of the shape of a comma with my top fingers imparting a snappy spin).


Same here - kinda like how you would throw for 5A.

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It will come with time. Like you said, there’s no substitute for experience. With that being said, make sure your getting your non-throw hand finger as close to the yoyo as possible when you’re going for the trapeze like others mentioned. I second making sure you throw the yoyo straight as opposed to throwing with all your might. Also, when you throw, just make your your hands and index fingers are parallel to eachother. This should help guide the yoyo onto the string.

It might help to backtrack a bit and use a yoyo that is worse than a first base. lol. Like an old butterfly or imperial. It sounds silly, but they will really highlight any faults you have in your throw technique and make them easier to identify and correct.

Good luck! :pray:t2:

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Lord help me, my wife dared me to buy a Butterfly to begin with, and I got the First Base shortly thereafter because of how much I hated that Butterfly…but you may have a point.

No, I never thought to try that, but I’ll give it a spin!

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@skitrz practice suggestion is awesome, btw. I second that method! :ok_hand:t2: