I’m having trouble getting my yo-yo to sleep long enough (dm2 & hitman). Everyone say’s keep practicing but seems like I’m only practicing a bad throw!! How do you hold the yo-yo on the breakaway? Let it roll of the side of the hand or turn your hand and let it come off the front of the fingers? Seems like it keep getting tilted to the right or left most of the time and then when I try to do a trick it tilts more and then quits. Is there a way to help keep your hands in line doing string tricks and how do you know which hand is out of line?
Thanks for any help you can give.

make a video of you doing it


Now is the yoyo not sleeping long cuz of a soft throwor due to tbthe yoyo tilting and rubbing the response pads?

What helps me with keeping my throw “straighter” at least, now, is that I keep my throw arm elbow pinned to my side so that my hand stays in place. In which it eliminates any room for error with my throw hand so then the fault lies in how your non throw hand is.

Not really sure how to correct this myself just started about a week ago. I do find that throwing and trying to tilt the yoyo in whatever direction and knowing how to control it helps. So take the time to throw a break away land a trapeze and mess around with it. You’ll unconsciously correct the tilt and eventually get better spin time. That’s all in theory though and literally practice makes perfect.

its def. a practice makes perfect thing, keep at it! its sorta a snap and let it roll wist motion and get it as straight as possible, the tension from the string should essentially rip the yoyo making it sleep… hard to know whats happening without seeing what the problem is…

With breakaways the first dilemma is which way to throw it. Like you mentioned, that’s the traditional “make a muscle sideways” method where the yoyo rolls off your middle finger and the “open a doorknob” method where it comes off the side of your hand.

For me the problem with the “make a muscle” method was that theoretically speaking, if you throw out with your hand by your side, doesn’t it end up swinging right into your body? To compensate for that I would subconsciously angle my hand, which made the yoyo tilt all the time.

So then I decided to try the “doorknob” method. Long story short, that was a nightmare for me. It may work for a lot of people, but definitely not in my case. Using my wrist to flick a yoyo in my fingers meant that there was a lot of space for error. Our wrists and fingers can move in so many directions, whereas our biceps mostly move our arms in one plane. So theoretically speaking the “make a muscle” method is more likely to be consistent.

What I figured in the end was this:
Since I had a subconscious worry about the yoyo hitting my body from the muscle method, I simply positioned the yoyo slightly in front of me. When you make a muscle, your hand naturally lies above your shoulder. So just shift your hand forward till it’s slightly in front of your throat while maintaining the same muscle, then swing out.

Make it a point to look carefully at the yoyo before you throw, to make sure your wrist isn’t tilting it at all. With practise, you’ll eventually have to look at it less and less, and breakaways should become a lot more natural.

Hope this works for you!