So I’m really new to yo-yoing and I’m having a real hard time with breakaways. Any tips?

What seems to be the problem with the breakaway? If you can give us a bit more detail with what’s going wrong, we can give you more specific advice to help =)


It’s like throwing a frisbee orthogonal to the ground.

For beginners, I’ve seen that keeping your arm in the same plane as your body helps a lot.

well its kind of hard to explain. when the yoyo rolls off of my hand it kind of tilts bit and screws up the entire motion

i will try this out, thank you

Maybe try adjusting your grip to counter the direction of the tilt and add a bit more wrist snap to the motion. I used to have the same problem as well when I started throwing breakaways.


thanks dude :slight_smile:

Hope this helps:

Thank you. Helped quite a bit actually

Hey what worked for me when i was first learning was to keep my arm and make sure that the tilt of my hand was completely parallel with my body. Also try seeing you can throw a trapeze by only sticking your index finger on your non throw hand, this should work if your breakaway’s completely straight, just a bit of a goal to work towards. Good Luck.

thanks! I worked it all out

Good for you, now to work on Rancid Milk.

Make sure when you throw the yoyo your arm is fairly straight to prevent some tilting of the yoyo