breakaway help!!!!

ok im not new to yoyoing but im not that great… so anyway when i throw a breakaway its not very strong and when it lands on the string it is unbalanced and usually touches the string on the side and goes dead. Any Tips?

practice, practise, practice

If the yoyo is tilting one way, then try to tilt your throwhand the opposite way. So, if the yoyo is tilting in towards you, then when you go to throw it, tilt your hand a liitle away from you.

Also, you can fix a tilting yoyo on a string.

Hope I helped! ;D

:Dokay, when I started throwing, I had the sme prob. throw the yoyo tighter, not a big swinging move. as you practice, this will become more natral and fluent. Happt throwing!!

to make the throw stronger, make sure you flick your wrist more when you throw. flicking your wrist will make the throw unbalanced so you have to practice an experiment. if the yoyo tilts one way whne you throw, tilt your wrist the opposite way the next tiome you throw. don’t worry, everybody has went through this.