Some new tricks with the YYF Supernova 2012. I found this cool mural/graffiti thing in town, so why not make a video. Include are various tricks I’ve thought of over the past month.

Hope you all enjoy. Comments/Criticisms/Thoughts are welcome.

Good video, I liked the fade in at the beginning. How long have you been yoyoing? Thoughts: try to make your breakaway a little more natural. It’s good to start the way you’re throwing it, but i’d advise getting it more smoothly.

Thanks. I’m glad you like the intro. My breakaway is a bit different from what you’d normally see. I’m aware. I’ve tried making it more “normal” but I never get enough power out of that type of throw. I guess that’s the beauty of yoyo. We’re all very similar but the small differences make us unique!

Except the thing is you really want to be using your whole arm for a breakaway. Its just that the way you throw the breakaway makes less power so therefor the yoyo will spin with less stability/spin for less time than if you had thrown a correct breakaway.

Its all about trying to include your shoulder up in the throw. Front throw too.

Now with that aside, nice video. I’ve watched you progress and you’ve gotten a lot better. Keep it up and work on your breakaway :slight_smile:

DAT HAIR! Sick hair…good tricks…I concur with the suggestions above

I think I see what your talking about. Work on it ASAP.

I’m glad it looks as though I’ve gotten better. Thanks for watching and your input.

Good stuff! I like that you don’t rush your tricks in some sort of frenetic attempt to look “fast”. On the other hand, the slow deliberation of each string landing is what distinctly marks the play as novice. Nothing wrong with being a novice, of course (Heck, I’m still a novice); however, once you know the tricks and elements so effortlessly that you can take it for granted that you’ll successfully hit the string, you can smooth everything out and get rid of that barely-detectable pause that comes after each hit.

Nice hair, nice tricks, nice intro! Great chill/smooth style and how long have you been in the YO world?

For me I find i get more power into it the normal way, maybe it’s me. But i think if you practiced it you would find it’s got just as much, if not more, spin time with your throws.


Seriously dude… Coolest hair ever.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks! I’ve been yoyoing for about 7.5 to 8 months.

I re-watched and saw at least one pause per trick. Does this make them look really bad? I thought I had each trick smooth?

Nope, you’re still looking good and looking smooth. That’s more of a “taking it to the next level” pointer.

Alright, I’ll definitely work on it. Glad you liked the video.

First bump.

Any last suggestions?

Any last suggestions?