Please Watch, First Video.


This is our first video ever, Compliments, Critiques, and Comments are not only welcome but desired. Thanks.


You need to learn Breakwaway.

Don’t tell me it’s too hard! It’s the same as a sleeper, just throw it the other way!

Nice vid.


Haha I can do breakaway, most of the tricks I threw in this video require the yoyo to be spinning counterclockwise.




Nice stuff! You’re in good company with the “sideways sleeper” crowd… tonnes of great players using that style (and hardly any breakaways) just fine.

(2Sick Joey) #6

You can throw however you want! That was pretty nice throwing. I liked it. How long you’ve been yoyoing?

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Never say this again.


Oh sweet, I didnt even know it was different. Glad there’s other people out there doing it.


That’s what I love most about throwing, anything you can imagine is a trick. I’ve been at it about eight months now.


Eight months!? You’re really good for eight months! A tip though, instead of letting the yoyo swing and then swing it the other way (the way you swing a yoyo to a trapeze), you could undermount it and then dismount to trapeze/some mount.


Just tried it, I can see how that would smooth out the flow of starting a trick. Thanks!


Glad to help ;D


I read the first comment and got excited, because at that moment I knew I found someone else who doesn’t use a standard breakaway. Join the club 8) Awesome video dude. I really enjoyed it.


That was really, really awesome for 8 months. If I was told to guess, I would have said at least a year and a half. Really good. Just out of curiosity, what throw was that? Also, if you want to check out nice ways to have a smooth start like someone already said, check out the thread on here for the video Lazy Afternoon by Alex Gallimore (the man right above me I might add), or this video right here by Alexis JV. Both are great throwers who also start from a front throw instead of a breakaway.


Yea man, from what I’ve been informed its a growing trend.


That was one of the dopest videos i have ever seen, and thanks1


and it was a recrev octave, one of the best i’ve ever played



But you should use a bit more of a graceful move going between the front throw and the sidestyle, like maybe a boing or something rather than just swinging it back. Other than that, awesome video!


Yea I’ve been working on a few ways to do that since yesterday, I see how it makes things look better

(kclejeune) #20

I’m sorry but it’s essential for a lot of modern tricks. Everyone should be able to do it. Not necessarily use it, but everyone should BE ABLE to if they need too.