Best Way to Throw a Breakaway

the forum has needed this for years

I noticed this difference between newer/intermediate throwers vs more advanced players a long time ago and I remember talking about it maybe once or twice before but honestly I’m surprised this isn’t something that’s been discussed or talked about more.

It’s almost like it’s a little trade secret you have to learn yourself.

I think part of it is possibly because you learn this method naturally so it’s so intuitive most people don’t really think about the difference

Regardless, I think you’re right. I feel like a lot of people on this forum aren’t doing breakaways the way Brandon explains in the video


I finished all advanced tricks, I throw breakaways that way…



I think many people starting throw this way after they learn regens.


I never knew that some players dropped the yoyo before they actually throw the breakaway. I knew the arm circle had to be short and quick but I never heard of dropping it before hand. Something to try later I guess.

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It’s all in the flick-a-tha-wrist

I skipped the “beginner/intermediate” way of throwing a breakaway and have been practicing the “pro” way since July of last year (I didn’t throw breakaways for the first 6 months I got back into yoyoing)

After a full year I can finally say that I can breakaway the “correct” way


Good video. There’s a number of people asking this very same thing every time on r/Throwers, and other breakway videos fail to teach was is taught here. I’ll happily use this video very time someone asks in the future.



Tbh I never really thought about it, so I just tried to forget about the idea and just throw. As it turns out, I don’t exactly do this awkward turn of the body, but I don’t exactly do it like I do regens either. I kinda do the awkward Throws and Brews style throw, but with more follow through. I kind of refined my breakaway after playing 0A straight up for months, and I guess I intuitively felt that too much slack (the type that generates speed in this 1A style breakaway) lacks the precision to land that perfect trapeze stall.

I also realized that after trying this “pro” breakway that I actually do just this when I throw in confined places, so it feels natural. Ill keep this in mind when im playing normally. Thanks for making me aware of this :slight_smile:


I never really noticed but my breakaway evolved to the more casual one shown in the video. That being said, if you watch just about any WYYC 1A freestyle beginning the players almost always have the yoyo up to the side of their head as in the “non-pro” method.


You throw breakaways ‘what way’?

The Brandon way? Or the odd way?


“I teach that way, but I don’t actually throw that way.”

Yikes. If that way is “wrong,” why perpetuate it by teaching it?


the non pro way.



I am editing my response for a very simple reason.

My view was wrong.

After reading the logic in the various responses in this thread, I can see the sense of using different breakaway forms. One for beginners and one for more advanced players.

Many things you can learn in life, have no easier method. Just the this is how to do it method.

Obviously I am certainly no ‘Teacher of Yo’.

Case in Point.

Interestingly, my breakaway doesn’t look like either method Brandon displayed, lol.



He taught the method that’s easier to do or grasp first.

Sometimes there’s a beginner method and an advanced method. You would teach the beginner method to the beginner even though you personally don’t use it anymore because you’re more advanced


The Yotricks breakaway tutorial goes over the details of a proper throw:

And come on people, crawling before you can walk is a very simple concept. It’s why we have tee ball and bumpers at bowling alleys.


I agree with this


Pretty much. All I know is that this video will help people asking for advice, and that’s all that matters.


Meh, the jump from the “noob” breakaway to the “pro” style isn’t such a massive leap that one has to start with the former. Throwing any good breakaway is tough at first and I regret spending so much time learning to do a passable “beginner” one early on and now recently investing more time in getting the “correct” way (which I do agree is superior) down. As a fundamental piece, maybe the best breakaway should be taught from the get-go. Instead of giving players a crutch method just to get to tricks, maybe proper form should be the default.

The tee-ball and bumpers in bowling analogy sounds great, but those are usually associated with kids - who have strength and/or coordination limitations. Noob vs pro breakaway is simply a matter of a little more work, not having a lack of strength or coordination.


Very interesting video.
Thanks for sharing, @JWaugh !
I’ve been noticing for a while that my breakaway looks awkward and this video just cleared my confusion. Looking forward to train on this.

Side note:
@MoonageMin & @twitch77’s Trick-a-Week (#31 Breakaway) confirmed? :rofl:


I get where you’re coming from but also I feel like this is a situation where it’s kind of just natural progression to just start doing it.

I wouldn’t even say it’s having to “figure it out” yourself because at some point if you’re really comfortable with breakaway you just start doing the “advanced” method without even thinking about it, or even realizing it, like Vegabomb mentioned for him. I was the same way for a bit too, didn’t even realize I started doing it that way vs how I was at first

It’s why even though this is basically never discussed, pretty much every good, not even great, player does the “advanced” breakaway.