The prize in the cereal box.

Been yoyoing for about 2 months. Enjoy!

Wow! You’re a really good yoyoer for 2 months. I think for me around 2 months I was still working on Trapeze and hit it maybe like every 20 times. LOL, really nice video! Also great choice of music! One of my favorite songs.

Thanks! I was so nervous :smiley: cuz it was my first real yoyo vid. that i editied.

No man, it’s good! I don’t really have the software to make an edited yoyo video, but once I get it, I’ll be making a lot, whenever that is lol. Anyways, if I made a video at that point, I would just be failing Trapeze, and doing the Braintwister mount, and rock the baby.

lol Thanks. U know that u probly have windows movie maker already in ur CPU.

not trying to be mean, but try shortening your string some, it helps alot!

How would that be being mean? Lol. That’s constructive criticisim, which i like! Thanks im actualy cutting my string right now. Lol. ;D

Oh, and can you teach me a tutorial for the bind where the yoyos gos up in the air, and then you catch it? I’m dieing to learn that.

Yeah! Ill make a tut. and have it posted tonight :slight_smile:

pretty…legit. 2 mo that’s kinda sorta really amazing. You learn fast. Wana send me some Caribou Crunch O’s?

I would but i sold the last box to Zach Gormley. Lol ;D

The second bind is the bind he’s doing. (I’m pretty sure.)

Really good yoyoing, You’re slightly better than me and I’ve been yoyoing for 6 months.  :o

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Dude cut your string before you ding your yoyo, plus you will have loads more control and be able to go faster.

Umm a couple of post up I said that I was cutting my string :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops lol, my bad man.

Cool video really good for 2 month’s. I have been yoyoing for half a month and I am in advanced.

Lol its ok :smiley:

only 2 months! :o :o :o When i was 2 months all i could do was like mach 5.

Looking good for 2 months, reminds me of me :wink: .

Try to work on making your tricks smoother though :slight_smile:

Thank all you guys who have left constructive criticism! ;D