The prize in the cereal box.


Been yoyoing for about 2 months. Enjoy!


Wow! You’re a really good yoyoer for 2 months. I think for me around 2 months I was still working on Trapeze and hit it maybe like every 20 times. LOL, really nice video! Also great choice of music! One of my favorite songs.


Thanks! I was so nervous :smiley: cuz it was my first real yoyo vid. that i editied.


No man, it’s good! I don’t really have the software to make an edited yoyo video, but once I get it, I’ll be making a lot, whenever that is lol. Anyways, if I made a video at that point, I would just be failing Trapeze, and doing the Braintwister mount, and rock the baby.


lol Thanks. U know that u probly have windows movie maker already in ur CPU.

(Chase Baxter) #6

not trying to be mean, but try shortening your string some, it helps alot!


How would that be being mean? Lol. That’s constructive criticisim, which i like! Thanks im actualy cutting my string right now. Lol. ;D


Oh, and can you teach me a tutorial for the bind where the yoyos gos up in the air, and then you catch it? I’m dieing to learn that.


Yeah! Ill make a tut. and have it posted tonight :slight_smile:


pretty…legit. 2 mo that’s kinda sorta really amazing. You learn fast. Wana send me some Caribou Crunch O’s?


I would but i sold the last box to Zach Gormley. Lol ;D


The second bind is the bind he’s doing. (I’m pretty sure.)

Really good yoyoing, You’re slightly better than me and I’ve been yoyoing for 6 months.  :o

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #13

Dude cut your string before you ding your yoyo, plus you will have loads more control and be able to go faster.


Umm a couple of post up I said that I was cutting my string :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #15

Oops lol, my bad man.


Cool video really good for 2 month’s. I have been yoyoing for half a month and I am in advanced.


Lol its ok :smiley:

(202andrew) #18

only 2 months! :o :o :o When i was 2 months all i could do was like mach 5.

(DOGS) #19

Looking good for 2 months, reminds me of me :wink: .

Try to work on making your tricks smoother though :slight_smile:


Thank all you guys who have left constructive criticism! ;D