The prize in the cereal box.

OMG!!!  I’ve been dieing to learn that!  Thanks so much!!!

ahhh looked like you came just milimeters from dinging your precious!
Nice job, first yoyos come in stuffed rats, now in cereal boxes…whats next? :smiley:

What were you doing at 0:27 to 0:32?

And I’m 2 Months…but at Advanced part 2

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

He’s only been yoyoing for 2 months. Also you kind of make the end long with the black screen finishing the song. If you cut that part out it would be better.

I was doing revolutions, and i know i meant to but forgot lol.

Yeah, it’s OK. Just some people might find it kind of annoying.

Haha. I was in such a rush, I had forgotten to cut the end.

Great vid dude thats great for six months and I still havnt learned Revolutions lol. And yep as all have said after cutting your string you will be able to go faster and smoother! Keep up the Good work. I was through the Master section at three months looks like you definatly could be to!

It’s still pretty smooth for 2 months. I was still like doing rock the cradle and working on Jamaican flag back then. lol

Agreed it is still smooth :wink: He will be even smoother IMO once he cuts the string down some.

amazing for 2 months

Wow, you are very good, keep it up!

i just cant get over the fact that you have been yoyoing for two months.