I finished my first full length yoyo video =D

It’s finally finished:


Yoyo: YYF GM2

I could go for some advice too. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped -_-" but… advice is appreciated.

Thanks for watching! =D

Great video!

However, you seem to have posted the link to your channel not the video itself.

Thanks =D

The link went to my channel? Not again -_-" I posted the video link. I don’t know why youtube keeps taking people to my channel.

awesome video and great tricks

Dang, your really good! :o I wont ever get that good.


That’s a very good video! How long have you been playing?

As far as advice goes, (and this may be impossible if you’re using your computer cam for taking your video) I think it would be interesting to see you yo-yoing at some other locations.

Like the park, mall, school ect.

By the way, is the background on your channel’s page from the movie 5 Centimeters Per Second?

I love that movie. ;D

Also, yay for left handers!

I started about 2 years ago but i took a huge break. So… I’ve been throwing about 9 months.

Yeah… the scenery was kinda boring… basically the same room. Gotta get outside.

And yes… it was from 5cm Per Second =D Great movie. I’ve seen it 4 times now XD