3 months

Just yoyoing 3 months, this is my first video :).

Yep, this is not the best. I was using Windows Media player and I don’t feel good. So sorry ;//.

Thanks for watching :))

This is 4 months minimum (I know).And I believe event more.The music could have been a bit better.And the video could have been done outside. :-\

I’ve started on May 31. Outside was raining. So I have no choice. And I said I was bad feel today.

??? Why in yoyospot forum there’s show that your messages are some 4 months old ???

This is great for 3 months.

Aš domėjausi yoyo ir tik mėčiau jį šiaip sau …

Sorry all. :smiley:

Žinai ,tai jau skaitosi.Nes tu jau mokėjai pagrindus.

Sorry all ;D ;D

Now is your time to upload video :). I don’t care bad quality :slight_smile: and what music.

I said not yet ;D ;D

This is really good stuff! You’ve got some good tricks and some good control over the yoyo, which is pretty hard to get when you’re first starting. Much credit to you, I can’t wait to see your next video!

Feel better! =)

Thank you :). I will upload maybe next month ;).

some good tricks in there especially for 3 months!

terrible terrible song choice…

Yeah terribly it’s bad and old :D. But I have no choice.

Nice job ur pretty good, oh and are u using a protostar?

i can honsetly do about 80% percent of the stuff she did in that vid, and ive only yoyoed for about 2 months. im not saying im better, or shes bad, im making the point that EVERYBODY learns at a different pace

She was using a PGM, mosy likely a first gen.
That was not bad, keep yoyoing and practice hard! :wink:

That was good for 3 months. I wish I had something to do some videos.

Nice video! I remember when I was 3 months lol I would just do the matrix and buddha’s revenge over and over

Thanks all :D. Now I’m learning good stuff from wrist mount :slight_smile: