Nice job! How long have you been throwing?


4 months into yoin


not really bad, but because of the (mobile?) quality i can’t see the string or tricks well. next time u should try use a better cam. :wink:

(J. Lev) #5


Your tricks look good, it seems that you’ve a knack for making interesting combos, which is really awesome. I would work on trying for more flow or overall smoothness, but that’ll come with time. And I totally agree with lolsk8r on the whole video quality thing. I’d invest in a video camera if I were you.

But hey, for four months? That’s awesome playing. Keep at it!


Thanks guys my camera sucks i know but that video is alot older so wen i video taped it i was yoin for 2 1/2 months im much better now


Nice man! Your definetely getting better since your last video.

(Edmeister) #8

You’ve been throwing for more then 4 months.
I looked at your Youtube video’s and theyres some that are 5 months in.
Not like this matters but just correcting ya.
I like it BUT , I hate the music.


Ok well those videos r wen imjust got a yoyo and thought it was cool i just wasnt imterested until a month later wen i started learning good tricks

(Edmeister) #10

You had a Yoyo , It counts
Im not gonna argue whether or not it counts but in my mind , once you pick up a yoyo and start learning tricks tahts when you begin.




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