me after 4 moths of yoyoing

Ok first i have to clarify somthings it was windy and i was staring strait into the sun.And sorry about the way i look but i didnt know i was gona make a vid that day.I screwed up a wfew times but i think it isnt that terrible.BTW my first vid.What do you think.
Thanks for every comet good or bad.

very good for 4 months :wink:

Your very good for 4 months but you definately need to work on speed and smoothness. You know the tricks but you need to be less horse and buggie on cobblestone and more ferarri 612 scaglietti on freshly paved road.

work on eli hops lke this skip to 40 seconds. you did this the other way. other than that, 4 months, that’s good

Thaks i now i didnt do it quite as smooth.But i actual didnt know i was being filmed i was just palying around and there realy was a lot of wind.I now about the eli hops i just cant seem to do them on the right side i want to work on them but seeing as i will be doing the trick list on the eeyc11 i do not want to train them right know.But thaks for the link and the comennts.

a lot of yoyo players use this song in their yoyo videos and I think it is too epic for a yoyo video. I dont know. good job.