My first yoyo video. Could you guys give me some feedback on my yoyoing.

pretty good, how long have you been throwing? seems about 5-6 months maybe?

Good stuff check out mine

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

Better than me… But I’m working on it.

Wow! That is pretty close! I have been yoyoing for around 8 months.

No wonder your better than me, I started two weeks ago… Lol

you where looking pretty good, pretty smooth

Thanks man. Just practice and skills will come with time.

Thanks! I tried to go slow to make it look smoother.

Yup, it all takes practice

Everything was great, except your throw. I used to have that throw also, and I learned that you can’t do a lot of tricks with that kind of throw. Work on throwing breakaways now. Otherwise, that was a pretty sweet video, keep it up! :slight_smile: