How long have you been throwing?

Tell me how long have you been throwing yoyos for


Off and on since 1983. So forty years.


I seriously got into throwing a bit over a year ago. I still suck at it.

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I got my first yoyo in April 2021, so I’m still relatively new to the whole scene. Trying my best to play catch-up on my skill level. I know it’s not a race, but it’s a bummer feeling like I’m so far behind the players I wanna be like who’ve been playing for 15-20 years.


I feel this, I really wish hadn’t decided to stop throwing like 8-9 years ago and just kept at it the whole time


i’m this exact way, started around 2021 responsive but fell out, picked it back up around december of 2022 and i’ve been taking it at my own pace


Had a yoyo during the 90’s boom as a kid. That lasted a bit but I didn’t get much past the basics. Fast forward to last Sept. I pick up my first unresponsive and haven’t put it down. So I think I’ve officially past the 1 year mark this month.

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I played a bit as a kid, then started learning unresponsive in July 2019. So, just over 4 years now. Damn.


Don’t fret too hard, you’re probably better than me, and I’ve been doing it since the space shuttle was new. :rofl:

Aside from like…one scholastic book fair in 2nd grade 30 years ago…End of June, this year. I wish I would have started sooner! Having a blast. A frustrating blast…but still a blast.

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Can I get a vid of your oldest yoyo and your favorite trick with it

Maybe if I could find it. My oldies are packed away in a box somewhere in the rafters. But it’d be a boring vid of some handsome older fellow doing a bunch of loops on a blue Duncan Imperial. :stuck_out_tongue:


15 years in October

Didn’t really keep up with it for a good 6-8 years but always had a yoyo on my desk to mess around with


Longer than my skills would indicate! :wink:



Or a pic of the oldies

about 7 years, going on 8. I didn’t really emphasize learning tricks until the last couple years though.


Like 10 years but there was a decade gap in the middle and I didn’t find resources to learn tricks until two years ago so I guess really 2 years with the resources to actually learn something and it doesn’t feel like I’ve learned allot.


I’ve been meaning to dig up the old collection since I picked it back up this year. I’ll post something when that happens. :wink:

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