HOW long HAVE you BEEN yoyoing??????!!!!!!

8 months wbu

6 years…

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3-4 months XD I am the noob here.

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do i play like ive been playing for six years… nope…

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Around 9 months.

3 years on and off for me and I suck. Having fun though.

I have been yoyoing for over 10 years.

Just hit the year mark.

Well, I’ve never seen you play, sooooo…

On and off 7 years

i think its been 5-6years I’m starting to lose track…

Year and a half, about. :slight_smile: Getting better, or I hope I am!

I started in april of 2012 so it’s been almost 4 years for me.

On and off since the latter half of 2008

Ummm… On and off for 5 years I think. Probably just as much time on as off.

8 months

I’ve been dabbling in this hobby since the end of 2011. That’s a bit over 4 years. But I still throw like a first year. Getting up to 30 minutes a day of “practice” time is a pipe dream for me. It’s more like an hour or 2 a week if I’m lucky.

12 years as of the 20th

Since May 2013 so around 2.5 years.

I’ve made up lots of random combos and have probably at least 30% of them by now. Focusing in high school and my first semester of college does that. I’ve learned all the styles except 2A. Mainly play 1A and 3A and trying to step my 5A game up.

Bearing yoyos since 7 years, non bearing yoyos since… dunno 1995-6 something.