Realize how long you have been yoyoing?

Hey guys, you know how I said I’ve been yoyoing for 6 months now? Well I checked my order history on YYN cuz i really started yoyoing when i ordered my legacy and guess what?? I got it on March 4th! That means I have been been yoyoing for 3 months and 26 days!!! Have you ever realized that you haven’t been yoyoing as long as you thought you have? Also am i doing good for smoeone who has been yooying for almost 4 months? I’m on hook if I followed the YYE trick guide.

I’ve been yoyoing for about a month. I’m not even following the trick guide. I’m usually trying to make up a new trick.

One-Year and One-Month on July 4th.

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I will have been yo-yoing for 8 months on July 5th (when Redondo was supposed to be).

Well, I’ve been yoyoing for about 2 years, but got my first yoyo when i was in… 1st grade, i think.

Almost 1 month, started a little bit after my summer began. I still got a long ways to go.

One year and four months.

Happy Throwing! =]

It was. I wonder why.

Closing in on seven months here. Not sure exactly but maybe in a week it’ll be seven? Two weeks? Something like that.


Started December 17th.

I think I know why, but I’ll ask anyway.

I’ve been yo-yoing seriously for seven months. However, I was doing “Walk the Dog” and “Rock the Baby” stuff for four years.

January 11, 2009.

I’m good at math. It was 8 months since. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is Samad Andre’s long lost relative?

We all are connected. Evan’s my brother, Samads my cousin, Kim-Lans my sister, and Andres my uncle. One big happy family. ;D

I started December, 6th 2008. So almost 7 months.

No. What does that have to do with anything anyways?

Oh, haha. When Samad’s post was edited by Andre, I said something like Andre is your long lost relative because I thought he had access to his account. :slight_smile:

I think about 2.5 months now.

About 6 months, I dont know exactly.