Realize how long you have been yoyoing?

i started in july of 1997. i guess technically i started in 1987, but didn’t learn anything much until i got a purple fireball ten years later.
so that’s 12 years this month?

… should i be realizing that that’s long time or a short time? cause it’s kinda both.

also, nobody’s gonna be able to answer that question FOR you. if yo-yoing is interesting and meaningful to you, then you’re doing just fine. period.

You’ve been yoyoing since i was just born :o

started november 16, 2008.

Im not sure on the exact date…

(Does every one mark their calender when they pick up a new hobby?)

But it was about mid Feb. So getting close to five months…

Nah. I count it by the day I received my Lyn Fury. Technically, I did yo-yo before that, but I don’t count it.

Same day!

I count since I got my Mosquito, but I also yoed before that with the up and down wood stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

About 5 months. ;D

Yep, same for me.

I have been yoing for 1.5 years or almost one year doing what is called New School.

6 months on about July 7th.

3 months

weird second longest on this post. 2 years and 1 month.

I’ve been yoyoing for six months since I bought my DM.

keep spinning


i got my first yoyo (hitman) on May 04,2009 and now i have almost 2 months
i can do all yye tricks cept white buddha