Celebrating 6 months!

Hey guys! So it’s been roughly 6 months since I started throwing, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot and am now throwing at least an hour everyday, usually more! I love throwing and I hope to become better and better. Even though a lot of people were much better than I am now when they were at 6 months cough cough hipposlovecereal cough cough I’m still happy with how far I’ve gone. My friend got me into 1a yoyoing when she got me a YYF ONE and I got addicted soon after that and I just can’t thank her enough. I’d like to thank YoRed, for giving me his MarkMont Next, when I didn’t have any money to get a better yoyo than a Velocity. It served me well for the first few months. My parents gave me a lot of money to spend on yoyos for my birthday, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that! So I do have a few other nice throws now. I’d also like to thank iyoyo58, we’ve facetimed a few times and it’s been fun, he’s taught me a few tricks and stuff, including green triangle, and now I love doing different GTs. He also gave me strings when I ran out and couldn’t get anymore. It’s been a fun journey and I hope to further improve so here’s a video of where I am now.

Tell me what you guys think! Comments, concerns, questions all welcome! Please reply! DONT BE A LURKER  >:(  ;D  :smiley:


Nice vid… I’ve been going for about 5 months, and you’re doing way better than me – I think you’ll be just fine! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I still need to work on my flow and make up some tricks, i have a complete inability to make up tricks haha

Congrats and keep throwing! Good job buddy.

Great to see you’ve been working on the things I’ve taught you :)! Great vid man! I think your ready for me to teach you some crazy stuff now :wink:

Doing great, andy!

I learned a variation of that magic disappearing knot thing you do the day i finished the video haha :smiley:

Nice video. I am also challenged when it comes to making combos;P You could check out Zammy’s tutorial to combo making in the Tricks section of this forum to see if that helps. Keep on throwing:)

Doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks, the important thing is that you’re happy with how you’re going and having fun doing it. Having said that, nice video and congratulations on making it to 6 months!