3 months of yoyoing!

To celebrate my 3rd month of yoyong, since the day i got a yoyofactory ONE, ive made a video. No practice, didnt thinkof a routine. All freestyle. I couldve made a routine, practice it, but i felt like doing this would show how good i really am. I know im not the best, theres no insane tricks like ladder escape or whatever. This was the result of 3 months worth of yoyoing. One take, one shot, no practice ahead of time, this was the result. I know the video isnt fancy and some tricks arent the smoothest but thats thepoint! I do apologize for the awful quality though :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to the video please!


Sorry i messed up when i posted it. Should work now. I hate howu can barely see the string :stuck_out_tongue: .

Bump! Come on guys, i want to know what u think :smiley:

Kind of hard to see ur string but other than that, great job!!

Ugh! The video doesn’t want to work on my iPhone… I guess I have to use my laptop…

I know i didnt have someine to hold it and i couldnt get an angle that showed it well enough :-[

I thought it was great for after only 3 months. You must be practicing regularly. Way to nail those Eli hops!

But, yeah. I would use a bright neon yellow string when you video, and maybe one light on you if possible. Or film outside if the weather permits.

Keep at it! :smiley:

You’re doing great. If that’s after just three months, I can’t wait to see how awesome you are after three years.

Keep it up!

Thanks guys! To behonest i dont feel like i improved that much in 3 months. Im sure plenty of people have done a lot better. Anways, I wctually started it off a little earlier than 3 monnths ago but i onl knew like 5 tricks. It really took off when my friend got me a yyf ONE and yomega hyper warp havy wing as an early christmas present. Around the time i got to the intermediate section on this site i started looking at other yoyos they sold on this site and i wanted to try the velocity. Miraculously, there was a velocity at the new walmart in town and i just had to snatch it up. Its what i mainly use today. But since ive started learning the longer more complex tricks not long ago i started to want oyojam dark magic. I might get it for my birthday if my parents are willing to pay $50 for a toy yoyo haha. In the 3 months ive learned all the beginner and intermediate tricks on this site, most of the adv pt 1 tricks, and a few tricks from the rest of the sections. Im actually working on And whut from the master section right now, i just need to get down that last hop, i can do the rest with ease. I think ill tackle white buddha next, it sees doable. Im also grtting some of my better tricks more consistent. I really hope to be yoyoing for a long time and further improve! And ill try to get better quality next time too haha


I started on the Yomega hyper warp heavy wing too ! Awesome job

Nice work! I’ve also been throwing for three months. We’re throwing the same level of tricks, but your throws are stronger and your form is much better than mine (my hands are always flailing all over the place). I hope you’ll continue posting videos so I can compare my progress to yours.

Cool, r u using this site to learn? And tbh i dont think my form is that great, but i do have good strong throws ;D im guessing u have a protostar, seems like a good yoyo, id like to try one some day. but i really want to try out a dark magic. anyways, since we are at abouut the same level and have been yoyoing around the same time maybe we should keep in touch and progress together ;D do u have facetime or skype?

Good Stuff dude, Looks like we are at the same skill level. I like that you had the gusto to make a video… i don’t know if i’m ready to do something that bold yet. Keep on keepin’ on sir.

Nice man! I’ve also been yoyoing for about three months too! I have my vid in the video section.

saw it and you are way better than me xD i cant do slack or the pops on trixks like kwijibo, spirit bomb etc whatsoever… but u lso have a much better yoyo than me :smiley: im just rockin a veloxity and it cant sleep anywhere near as long as ur yoyo when its moving around on the string or in general lol. I bet its soo much smoother too, i hope to get a better yoyo soon

Yeah it really helps having an smoother, longer spinning yoyo. But I learned most of those tricks on a c3yo token. :wink: (it had 30 second spin times and was tiny) Just keep going, save up your money and get a good one.

For tutorials, I’ve mostly been using this site along with Yotricks and Miguel Correa’s videos, which really like. Right now I have the Protostar, a DV888, a C3 H5, and a C3 Halo. The Protostar is my all-around favorite, followed by the DV888. The H5 is huge and has been a big help learning Eli hops and landing side tricks. I don’t have a strong opinion on the Halo yet. I’ve also got my eye on a DMII Toxic frog.

I don’t do video/chat but I’ll stay on the lookout here for more of your videos. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to post one myself .

Wow u got a nice set of yoyos there… I really want to try out a protostar, dv888, and especially the dark magic