6 Months In

YEAH! Today is exactly my 6th month into yoyoing. I finally got around to making a video today. I think I did a good job myself. Unfortunately, I am unable to attach the video to this thread.

But, I would like to see what you guys have gotten at 6 months. If you have any videos of you when you were 6 months in or you are just now 6 months in, then go ahead and show me what you got.

Congrats man! I’m at a year and a half

Yeah, the videos you see here are hosted either on YouTube or Vimeo for the most part. You can set them to be “unlisted” so that only those with whom you’ve shared the link (like YYE members or anyone who finds the link through YYE if it’s posted here) can see it.

I think I was a bit less than 6 months in when I made this one:

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This video pains me too watch it


Amazing editing on that vid!! Im alot past 6 months. Like 2 and a half years.

Rosario: you were better at 6 months than I am at over a year. :wink: So yeah, don’t feel too pained. That was a good video!

That video males me feel sad because im at about the same point and can do very little in that videos.

So bad… It would be OK if I had flow along with those tricks but there was no flow at all xD

Crococorey, I think you’re a little better than me now when I was at 6 months… But you dont have any videos so I wouldnt know.



I think thst the reason that some people are better than others at 6 months is because some people have real life yoyo friends to help them out while others (like me) dont know any other throwers.

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Oops. Did not mean to thank that.

But, most of these videos include more than what I can do. I have a friend, though, who was at GA States and won World’s Sports Ladder this year that helps me out sometimes, but I am still not as good as these guys.

Not necesarilly… some people practice more than others, some learn faster than others. I didnt have anyone to teach me, and I dont think hippos did either, but I’m still worse than him even in his 6 month video, and Im right behind 1 year…

Don’t feel bad at all, I’m over 3 years and can’t do all the tricks he pulled there
It’s all matter of how much you practice I play half hour a day at most
I should learn more tricks :slight_smile: