six. (months!)

It’s been six months already?  A couple friends and I went to do some longboarding/yoyoing/messing around a few days ago and shot some footage of random stuff.  This was the result.  Pretty fun afternoon!  It got progressively windier, which made things a bit difficult, but things turned out alright I think.


YoYo: Square Wheels Royale w/ a brief appearance of the Rockefeller
String: YoYoStringLab Ammo
Song: Phantogram | Don’t Move (1 verse, I looped the instrumental for a bit)

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Feedback is cool, thanks for watching!

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Wow… you are seriously skilled for only 6 months of experience… SERIOUSLY.
You look like you have been throwing for 2+ years.

By the way… You should always Paul Dangit at the end.

Dude. Why are you not sponsored yet. Man, I hope I’ll be that good in a month! I used to think I was a fast learner but dang…

Paul Dang

I was waiting for that.

;D I couldn’t resist.

Nice!! got to get myself a royale and a rockefeller

That was after SIX MONTHS!? That was really good. The tricks were nice, the editing was great, and it had that “fun” flair that I think a lot of videos lack. BTW, you look eerily like Paul Dang.

Ok, that’s it.

Too much fun watching your videos.

May I ask, where was this filmed? It looks very familiar to me

Too much gangster.

Maaaan, I was just about to share this on your wall when I saw you already saw it.

Gotta love the first 12 seconds. and everything else. Man I can’t stop watching this!

Like a month or two ago you posted a video that said you have been throwing for 6 months?!

Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.

Clements, CA - it’s the only hill relatively close to where we live.

Really? I don’t think we look that alike.

Which one was that? I started “modern” play back in October, so I’m around 6 months or something like that. I did throw for a couple months in middle school, so that might be the number you’re thinking of (4 since october + the couple in middle school)

6 Months!? I’ve been throwing for two years and I’m no where near as good!!! This is downright unfair! Lol, jokes aside YOUR FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

R u sure its 6 months and not 6 years? Im so jealous! :smiley:

Thanks guys!

ba bump tish