My six month yoyo video I want your feedback!!

Sorry for the grainyness stupid Windows movie maker lol, Anyway All but the third trick are combos/tricks I have made up they arnt amazing but I  feel decent about where I am. These arnt the only tricks I know btw just the ones I had time to throw up real quick. Constructive critiscim always wanted. Thanks oh and Ill do Trick Tutorials Upon Request!

Great job! Ive been yo-yoing for two months now, and I would be very lucky to be able to do that when my sixth month rools around. Very nice job. (:


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wow really good when six months and what yoyo are you using?

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thank you and it’s a clyw gnarwhal which plays beastin

That was pretty good for six months, very smooth and at a good speed.

Six months! That’s incredibly good. I really sucked when i was 6 months.

Thanks Guys I hope to do a killer 1 year video but practice practice practice lol

OMG do you like audioslave? 'cause i have the album that your song, cochise is in!
Also you are amazing! I hope i can be as good as you

Thank you :slight_smile: Im not amazing but thanks :D. And I love Audioslave they are simple amazing!

what do you mean youre not amazing? stop lying to me you are too amazing! i am a six month too and you are a lot better at being creative when getting into those mounts and formations. heres your feedback. you are terrible at not being good.

:smiley: Thank you very much dude!

I’d normally say cut your string, but your style has a bunch of rolls, so, It fits :smiley:

awesome job

Thanks man, I am like almost six two or three so cutting my string makes it feel uber short lolz :slight_smile: