How long have you been yoyoing?


I’ve been wondering for me for awhile now. i yoyoed for awhile, then had to quit, then 2 years later picked it up again. I finally figured out, that i yoyoed the first time for 6 months, and now have been going for 10 months, so i have been yoyoing for a year and 4 months! what about you guys?


I’ve been yoyoing for a month :smiley:


Been yoyoing for almost 3 years.


a year. I’m not that good, but in my defense, I took a six-month break…


i took a 2 year break dude. breaks suck. lol. glad that your back to it!


Thanks! Yeah, I forgot half my tricks.
that was because I was in the beginning of the master section, and I couldn’t land any of them, couldn’t think of new tricks, so I stopped and picked up a deck of cards. Never going back.


About a month and a half


Just over a year


My story is almost the exact same thing as JohnnyJ’s except I took another break 2 months ago, and now… I’M BACK IN CONTROLLLLLLLL!!!


Gonna be a year as soon as November ends!


about a year and 4 months no breaks


Just under a year I think

(Alex Fairhurst) #13

2 years


About 3 years. I started when I was 8 but didn’t yoyo for a year. Didn’t really get good until about 3 months ago.


8 months.


Lets see here!

started on 2010
played till 2011
took a break from february to october
played all off november so ima guess about

2 years


I started February 2005


Let’s see today is Monday so that is about,… One year tomorrow is the day I started yoyoing (my first year yoyoing) I’m so excited I’m going to buy a new throw to celebrate


I have been yoyoing for about a year now.


started casually in 1997. Got into it seriously in May of 2002.

so… 10-15 years depending on how you look at it…