How long have you been Throwing?

Very simple self Explanatory thread.

7 Months

16-17 months.
I’ve been told that I’ve got the skills of a 3+ year yoyoer.
I’m grateful for that.

370 days.

13 years.
Started in august of 1998. Active in the community since 04.

1 year and 2 months. Too long to be as bad as I am.

6 months strong

I bought my DM2 on june 3rd. So six months pretty much. :slight_smile:

Since July 4, 2011!!

Let X=my current age


9 years. ;D

Ive been doing unresponsive yoyoing for about a year and four months, and ive been doing responsive since 2006 ( Unresponsive= modern play, responsive=yoyoing with something like an imperial)

since septemper 2011 so about 4 months

10 months

I yoyo during my youth. Maybe from age 4 to age 11. Not constant though. Then started back up in 2004. Active in the community since 2006.

Like Icthus, I started when I was 8 and continued on and off until I was 12. Then got back into it in October when I broke one of my student’s yoyos during recess duty (long story for another thread). 3 months later, I have nearly 20 yoyos and am knee deep in intermediate string tricks. What the heck happened?!? :wink:

ever since I was a kid I’ve been yoyoing on and off
so I guess I’ve been yoyoing for 8 years but seriously yoyoing for bout’ 3 years

nice dude thats almost thp status haha

I myself have been yoyoing since 99 but i have been active in the community since 03 now just about twelve years in total nine i have spent active

Coming up on a year in January! :slight_smile:

2 months :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see a good range.
I wonder who’s the Oldest/Longest thrower in the community.