How long have you been throwing for?

I was remembering back to when I started throwing and I realized that it has been also a year now (11 months) and I was wondering how long have you forum peeps have been throwing for.

Six years 8)

A little over 3 months

9ish months

EDIT, 9 months now/

year and a month

Since February 2005; or a little over 8 years. :slight_smile:

January 22nd ;D

August of 1998.
Getting to 15 years, you all make me feel old.

. <


Since December 2012.

You’ve been throwing for as long as i’ve lived on this planet…

Mid 1999.

The brain in the McDonald’s kid meal!

Since 1970! For Reals!

since mid november of last year.

I threw for a year or two in the 90s

Recently, just over 3 weeks :slight_smile:

5 years :stuck_out_tongue:

10 months

This year makes 16 years…man that’s weird

3 years

Almost at 6 months!

About 5 years