Three Months and Throwing: Estate No. 2

Happy new year everybody!

It’s been about three months (give or take), and decided to shoot my first video of 2013! Friends wanted to go to our closest (45 minutes away) hill (dubbed “churchill”) to do some longboarding and we brought some yoyos.  Pretty happy with how it turned out actually.

Estate No. 2:

Shoutout to Matt at YoYoStringLab for the amazing strings!

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Thanks for watching!

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Great fun video! I am still amazed you are at 3 months! Have fun with the string.

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Thanks, had fun that afternoon, hope it showed through!

Lovin the string.

You amaze me every time I watch you…3 months…amazing

Thaaank you! I haven’t seen anything from you yet, do you have anything posted?

Three months and you are incredible!

3 months? more like 1 year!

I see sponsorship in your future

Wow at three months you’re doing sky binds and whips?! That’s incredible


Maybe one day… (Which coincidentally is the name of a song I want to use. one day…)

3 months I assure you! I guess maybe you can count the phase I went through in middle school (which was ~7 years ago… I’m getting old) but that only lasted a couple of months.

Dude! you’ve only been yoyoing 3 months? This is impressive! The best part about this video is how good the quality of the video is… most beginners make poorly lit, poorly cut videos, but this was fnatastic! cant wait to see more!

Thanks man! I used to help friends edit skate videos back in high school, so I have a general feel of what I like when it comes to making edits.

What software do you use to edit your videos? Great video btw, I still can’t believe you’ve only been throwing for 3 months lol

Thanks, I’m using sony vegas for editing, audacity to edit/cut songs, and it was filmed with two different versions of the sony bloggie.

Bumping my own video for the first and last time (Don’t kill me)