2 Months...

sorry about the quality…using a nikon coolpics s3000

fun facts:
markmont, brandon jackson and jensen kimmitt inspired moves.

took 10+ shots for 2 of the tricks.

spent 3 hours recording this, 2 hours of which are bloopers.

spend 2 hours editing.

I dont have a tripod, What you see was done manually, that aerial shot was extremely hard to get.

only two months :o

dude sick video for 2 months. keep learning tricks and the world will be yours. and what yoyo are you using?

my Markmont.NEXT

woah woah woah… you joined in June??? 3 months

I joined in june, but all I was using was a looper for string tricks, so I don’t count that month :wink:

hey i did that same thing but i count that month >:(

i used a fireball

you can’t not count a month xD Like I took a 4month break but it doesn’t mean you subtract it…

well, i had a looper for 1 month, so lets say, 2 months of string tricks :wink:

So basically, you had 3 months of yoyoing. WOOT!

Cool vid bro.