1A Short


By short, I mean a couple of tricks, haha.

I’ve been throwing just over 4 months. I know my flaws and what I need to work on and I’m on it.

Anyway, I haven’t made a video before so I decided to film one. Skipped the editing and time consuming stuff just because I was bored. First trick isn’t original, it’s from raytsh channel. Wish I could do it as good as him, haha. Please ignore the weird noises in the background, family was over and there was around 10 people in a small area. Anyway, here we go…

(202andrew) #2

Dude you are crazy good for only 4 months.


agreed 100%
I have you added on xbox and still haven’t gotten the chance to talk to you.


agreed also

(BaileyT) #5

Same here ;D


Man You are beast for only yoyoing for four months. Just needs a bit of smoothening out. But seriously you are one of the best four month throwers I have seen.


You guys are all awesome and encouraging, thanks so much!

Oh, yoyoaddict, I’m usually on late aftonernoon but before 10 weekdays. Sometimes on rather late on Thursdays.


nice!!! i realy like it!


i hope to be as good as you in 3months :smiley: