Noob Stuff

So I have been throwing for about 2 months now. I thought it would be fun to make a little video.
Forgive the atrocious quality. It was filmed with the webcam on my mac and edited in iMovie. I am worse at video editing than I am yoyoing, and that is truly saying something. lol. :wink:


Really impressive for two months, maaaaaan!

Waaaay better than my 2 month yoyo video. That ish was just embarrassing. ::slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see you progress, fer sure. ;D

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Dang! 2 months your better than me at that geez that’s scary good at the rate your learning!

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your AMAZING for only 2 months, bravo!

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Hey you’re doing GREAT for two months.

Dayum. Now I’m not so sure about posting my measly six-month vid… :-\

Great stuff, man!

You’ve got some skills! I still cant do boing-e-boing after a little more than 6is months. Keep it up!

Dayum! I’m also 2 months in, and I’m not nearly that good. I’m proud of my relatively smooth Matrix and fairly consistent boingy-boing. That’s about all the game I’ve got. :wink:

Keep it up!

That’s some amazing stuff for two months! Look out, WYYC 2013!


That is incredible!!!

How’d you learn so fast? :o

I graduated college this year. After college I had an internship for a month or so and then I was no longer needed. Once my internship ended I decided I wanted to take some time off before I found a proper job. So I have been doing nothing but hobbies and such for the past 4 or 5 months. This allows me to throw as much as I like. ;D

Once I bite the bullet and get a real job my yoyo progress will slow down dramatically. lol.

Wow, now i maybe to consider posting a videos of my playing yoyo after two and a half months , still sucks but at least show some promising . I could have learn at fast at you but i got stuck in school :’(

2 months??? ARE YOU JOKING! ive been yoyoing for 5 months and your way better then me!