Two month progress video


I’ve been throwing and trying to learn tricks for about 2 months. Before that I pretty much just new around the world, forward pass, etc.

Happy to hear any advice!


You got boingy boing down in 2 months? That took me probably at least 8-12 months before I could even hit it.


Those are some great tricks. If you keep practicing the tricks will smooth themselves out and will look better. I’ve been yoyoing for three years and i still haven’t been able to get boing-boing or split-the-atom. Keep it up :slight_smile:


nice job man, I’ve been yo-yoing for about 3 months now, and I have to say your on the right track, definitely progressing quickly.


Boingy Boing took me 2 months alone to finally get. On the other hand, my brother got Boingy down in a day after I explained to him how it’s done. Nice progress, you’ll find that once you do these tricks more routinely, they’ll come out even smoother!

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great job… who says an old dog cant learn new tricks…