I cant get the boing e boing rythm

Hey everyone help me get the ruthm down.

the first bounce is the most important and make sure that you are pushing down with your non throw hand that way the yoyo will stay between the strings I learned the sidewats boing first and that helped me a ton to be able to get the front style boing down and I still dont have it perfected but I can do it. Just keep practicing and you will get it down :slight_smile:

its really hard to describe but one thing i can tell you is just keep at it. one day it’ll just come to you. that’s what happened to me.

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Its easy once you get the rhythm.

First, split bottom mount. Then start bouncing your throw hand up and down until the yoyo moves forward and backwards (note that this isnt the complete boing e boing, this just helps with rhythm).

Once you can achieve the split bottom swinging forward and backward rhythm consistently, then after the split bottom, pass under the yo with your throw hand and you’ll be in the correct mount, now align the strings and use the exact same rhythm you mastered in the first step. You should eventually be able to do it as fast or as slow as youd like. The whole motion though is just like bouncing the throwhand up and down.

Hope this helped!

My “Ah ha!” moment came shortly after I watched Miguel’s tutorial.  He pauses the video at the perfect spots to show when you need to pull back up.  Hope it helps:

I feel it is easier and smoother to do boings slow and deep. It will help with your form. Dont be discouraged though… It took me ages to get the rhythm down.

Wow, Miguel’s video is probably one of the nicest boing video’s I’ve seen.

This trick is super frustrating. My best advice is put on some music that gives you some good energy and just bang the trick out. You could literally practice boing-e-boing for an hour straight and not get it. Just keep at it and it will just “click” sooner or later. Then your progress will increase very quickly.

The best advice I was ever given about boing e boing was just to forget about it, and that one day I would just figure it out. And, sure enough, one day I was yoyoing and I just got the rhythm. Unlike most tricks, you can’t really just practice the motion over and over to get it. You just sort of have to let it happen. That’s what worked for me anyway.

Here is how i practice it- Do a barrel roll and once its thrown into the front string pull up and try a few boings. Once you fall out of rythm do another roll. If that makes any since it helped me haha.

How long did it take you guys to get the trick right? Took me like 2 months lol

I was going to recommend NOT lining up the yoyo and then trying to boing, but then I saw that Miguel Correa’s video more or less covers that point.

I had learned it before seeing that video, but wanted to point out that all of the tutorials on his site (http://www.definitiveyoyoing.com/)  are well done with timely pauses and nice animated arrows/indicators to help with direction and string hits. Really good stuff.

Ah, why not… here’s my tip anyhow: When I was first trying to learn, I would line everything up, then try to start boinging. I could get a bit of jiggling going on, and sometimes it would approximate a boingy boing with enough focus and proper alignment… but when I discovered that you should just boing right from the moment you go into the split bottom mount, everything started to click. I personally really need to use that momentum. Without it, the trick never gets off the ground.

If you go into a Mach 5 mount you can get the motion down and find your Rythm without the yoyo falling out, it’s like training wheels for it

It took me 1 year to learn it.

I love the animations that he uses to help explain tricks. I need to watch that again and get this down.

Darn right. I keep hoping he’ll add more and more, but I think he must’ve reached critical mass for the time being. :wink:

Yeah. I think he is focusing more on his 5a tutorials since that is his main style.

One thing that helped me was try to do the boing-boing sideways (I can do it pretty well with a breakaway, but can’t do it on a split bottom mount)

To do this, do trapeze brother slack, then you will be in a sideways 1.5 mount, try to boing there

Well when I was learning this, I tried doing the split bottom mount over my throw hand thumb instea of pointer finger, and then it just happened. I got it immediately. Try that and see if it helps

Back and forth straight <><><>, then in the middle go up <^><^><^><^>.