Any tips for this trick? :frowning:

I think you should try using the search button. It would gather quite a lot of results, since this question has been asked rather often. :wink:

How I learned to do it (from an ibanezcollecter video called the ancient secrets of beoing e boing revealed) is you kinda push into it like doing an atomic bomb which gives you enough momentum to start strong and keep going.

In the learn videos here it says that it is an up and down motion. It more or less is, but what you also need to do is push forward and backward just a little bit while you doing the up and down motion.

Hope this helps.

It also helps to focus on keeping your bottom hand as firm and still as you can. Your top hand (throwhand) should be doing all the work. It took me 6 months of trying off and on to get the rhythym smooth on this one, so be patient. I"m also old and slow, lol.

Go into a Mack 5 mount, and then u can get the motion down without having the yoyo fall out

The search bar is your friend.

That isn’t advice. There are a dozen old threads about everything. The nature of forums such as this is that people will constantly re-ask questions. Simply ignore the ones you decline to answer rather than spamming sarcasm as a response.

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This trick takes time. Like a lot…

Keep practicing. Keep your hands directly above each other.

Make sure your bottom hand keeps still your top hand does all of the motion.

It takes a lot of time t learn, for me I think it took around 5 months, then it just clicked.

You’ll get it,

Don’t worry.

Thanks, 5 months wow good to know. Right now it just feel like I’m trying to push and pull it forward and back. I don’t have any style like Andre. I’m not pulling it up and down I think I’ve tried but then I don’t get any forward and back motion. Maybe I need 4 more months practice?

I kind of do a rock into it. That first boing is key. I now typically do a somersault before going into it as 1: it looks cool and 2: I can get a strong first boing. The rest is just rhythm and timing.

It helps me to greatly and I mean greatly exaggerate the up and down motions.

Why cant i bounce it back? I can do it forward but not back

Here’s what actually got me into getting some decent boings after becoming highly frustrated with it. Why frustrated? Because my brother who off and on picks up a yoyo for a few minutes picked up on it instantly when I described the trick to him. About a month later, I finally started getting a feel for it. But that’s all behind me now.

When I actually started getting it down was when I decided to try it sidestyle from a trapeze. With my throw hand, I opened up that loop around my non throw hand and just started doing it maybe in sets of 2 boings. I also had a tendancy of taking my wrist and turning it like I was twisting a doorknob back and forth (which was completely incorrect and sloppy). I found it easier doing it sidestyle at first as I was able to see what was going on.

To this day, even from a split bottom mount, I stand at an angle as it’s a little more comfortable (and I like watching it go).

So just watch your timing. You can even just stare at my avatar for a while and watch my endless boing :slight_smile: