Boing E Boing

So any suggestions on boing e boing?
You know, other than practice more.
I can’t seem to get the motion started.

Yeah, it’s really really hard, I can’t get it either. First, I do the cheat way. Just bounce it around 2 strings using both hands and then start the up and down motion.

I suggest starting with a small movement bouncing between strings, then gradually get bigger and faster as you learn to control it…

This one isn’t easy to learn so good luck!

This video helped me a lot:
Like Brett said in the video, try doing a barrel roll then try and start the motion. And I know that in the OP you said for us to say something besides practice, but its really the key. Practice, practice, and more practice will help you.

DO A BARREL ROLL! :stuck_out_tongue:

6 months in and I’m just beginning to land a few ones

it’s much harder than it looks, just keep at it and you’ll land it eventually, but you’ll fail a lot and most likely for a long time before you get consistant on it

Just to point out, the two strings are that important in Boing-e-boing. It is the momentum of the yoyo that causes it to go back and forth, so you can actually practice it without the two strings, as the video below shows.

actually the “practice more” is the answer here, this is a very difficult trick to master and you need to do it literally thousands of times before you get it right

if you’re discouraged by the “practice more” advices, maybe you should stick to playstation ;D yoyoing is all about practicing more and more and not giving up.

I agree with you. However, there has to be some guidance to the practice, or it is ineffective.
And some of us need all the guidance we can get ;D

I hear you. There have been times i am practicing a trick over and over…but i’m actually doing it WRONG. When i realize or get guidance then i start to hit the trick the correct way.

and yeah… boing e boing sucks. I have an ugly relationship with it.

Mere hours after i posted this… I FIGURED IT OUT!
I always used to get upset when people would just say “practice,practice practice” but…man… it’s the only way. It will click. just keep at it then put it on the shelf, work on other tricks then come back to it.

For me it was a rhythm thing. I didn’t realize how much of a rhythm you needed to have a good boing e boing.

And for those of you who can’t seem to get the motion down, try this. Take a plastic grocery bag and something with some weight. (your yo-yo for example) and then take your index finger and put it through the both handles of the bag. Now just gently rock the bag back and forth until the motion feels comfortable. Once you are comfortable, apply the same motion to the yo-yo. Good luck. ;D

here ya go, really there’s not much to it, I understand the frustration with the “practice” advice, I too sometimes am in such places where I can’t seem to get it but every time it’s the same, I keep at it and eventually, I get it

Boing e Boing is one of those tricks that look very easy but are fairly hard to master. I know I can make it happen but it’s far from consistant and I can’t do much more than 4, 5, maybe 6 “boings”, so I just do it every now and then, sometimes I keep at it for fifteen miniutes or so, see where it goes, and maybe in 6 months I’ll be consistent, in the meanwhile I learn other tricks and try and get better at throwing in general.

I feel this is one of the main things that a yoyo can teach you: perseverance
the solution to many tricks “issues” is perseverance, keeping at it

I remember the flip GT trick, I’ve started to practice it like last december, at first I just couldn’t understand it, then, for some reason, I was hitting the wrong string, and as it’s a pop trick, it’s not easy to do it slow and figure out what’s going on, and even the high speed video wasn’t really helpful with my particular issue.

but I landed it a few times

then the next 2 or 3 months, I could be half consistent on it, I didn’t land on the wrong string anymore but I had a hard time to land it on the right string, at all, I just couldn’t find the rythm, or how high/strong I should pop the yoyo in the air.

then maybe a month ago, I finally got it and now I am consistent on it

same goes for many other tricks, there are some, like eli hops, that are very simple but I just can’t get them for some reason, that’s no big deal as long as I’m having fun.

I decide to let out some types of tricks for now because I don’t feel like working on them, that happened with the slack tricks a few months ago, until the point in time when I feel I want to give it a go, now I can do slack tricks and it improved my overall game.

if you get frustrated, just move on and get back to the trick later, the point of a yoyo, which is a toy, is to have fun, frustration is no fun and while it’s always good to be able to deal with frustration, you don’t have to do it to the point where you just can’t enjoy yourself anymore.

Alot of kids want to know all the tricks, but there are many other aspects you can work on, flow/smoothness of your tricks, combos, a new type of tricks (whips, slacks, pops, loops etc…), maybe even a new style of play (2A, 4A etc…)

all in all, if you get stuck in a trick, the answer is usually “practice, but it might take months to get it right”, but don’t get to the point where you’re frustrated and not enjoying yourself anymore.