Boingy bong help

When in boingy bong I can kind of get the yoyo to bounce back and fourth between the string but not to the extent of my satisfaction. Can any one give me tips or advice

it took me forever to learn that trick. basically, just keep practicing. eventually you’ll reach an “aha” moment, and then the whole trick becomes really easy

Just look at these. :slight_smile:,4144.0.html,991.0.html,6582.0.html,22978.0.html

This vid helped me a lot

It really emphasizes that the first boing should start as you bring the yoyo into the split bottom mout

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Ok thanks will try those things

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I absolutely agree. It took me months to learn this trick. Then, one day I gave it a try and I somehow got it. :slight_smile: I believe practice makes perfect.

I find that if I kind of tuck in the elbow of my non throw hand against my side as I’m doing the trick it helps steady my arms and keeps me from flailing them everywhere. As for your throw hand, try to keep a steady up and down motion. The more you exagerate the ups and downs with your hand, the bigger your boings should be. I also find that if I go slow when starting the trick then I’ll have a better rhythm when my trick hits its peak.