boingy boing

Its so frustrating. I get into it right and everything like that but it wwhen it starts bouncing, it starts boinging sideways. It doesnt turn , itjust boinging sideways!!!
Any sujestions!!!

when you do the motion pinch the string with your throw hand pionter and thumb. this hellped for me

Calm down bro. It’s normal. I’ve only met around 3 yoyoers that could get boing boing without extra help.

Start off slow, and start bouncing. Make sure you align the string with the gap of the yoyo or else it will start tilting and turning.

Practice. You just gotta practice. That’s the point, practice.

This is coming from someone who took a year to finally nail this trick…only to still miss it most of the time. Just be patient with it, take your time. The biggest thing that helped me was doing it side style. Also (atleast for me), that first initial boing forward is probably the most important boing. Once you’ve flung it forward, that’s where rhythm comes in because you’ll then be boinging it right back and the cycle repeats. Maybe start with getting a full boing in first, then work your way up. Slipping out of the strings? Keep your hands parallel (as with most string tricks).

When you get this going, you’re going to be tempted to rock your throw hand forward and backward to get the boing. It may help at first but you really don’t want to do that as it looks sloppy. Lastly, a wider yoyo (like a Raptor or Drifter) will make it easier but I wouldn’t limit myself to that. Once you get it down, practice with narrower yoyos, it will make it easier when you get to a wider one.

When you get better, you can begin actually starting slow, build up the speed, then slow down again…looks pretty cool when one does that.

Keep trying it will eventually click and be the easiest trick you can do. Took me 3 months of not even getting close, then it just happened and 10 minutes later it was like I could do it for years.

boingy, seasick and eli hops are those tricks that looks very simple, yet require the “feeling”. and of course, somebody could get that “feeling” really fast, but some have to spend longer, a month, a year, 2 years,… perhaps. so don’t get frustrating. a lot of yoer when day first start learning boingy have the same feeling. just keep the motion in mind, and pratice again and againn, soon you will got it, belive me.
if somebody got boingy faster than you. that’s fine. my bro got it after the first attempt, but i have to spend a month

^Not to mention Boomerang. Actually, Boomerang’s a great way to get a similar feel to Boingy Boing…just watch your fingers for string burn.

It took me 2 years and 4 months.

Then it just clicked. Weird huh?

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I’m not trying to sound mean, but how hard is it to just search your problem before you make a new thread about it?

This trick took me about 15 minutes to learn