help with boing-e boing

:’( I just can’t do boing-e-boing.

It takes a long time for most people to do I suggest working on it occasionally and try working on other tricks at the same time. You’ll get it with time just keep practicing.

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Just keep practicing it. Every day try it for ten minutes, after you practice it for ten minutez then just have fun, after a few hours, or at the end of the day/night practice Boingy again for 5-10 minutes. Took me about three months do learn it like this.
Another tip, try to ROLL into it, do two barrel rolls, and then go into Boing
(chek Bretts HighSpeed videos).
Boingy seemed impossible to me at first, for a bit I didnt think I would ever get it.
Keep practicing it, youll get it.

If I see another Boing-e-Boing thread, I’m going to puke. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s this thing called the search button: You should try it sometime!

I’m not trying to sound mean, but how hard is it to just search your problem before you make a new thread about it?

What i do is keep it one fluid movement going into the mount. Then start bouncing the ur finger straight up and down. Make sure ur finger are straight up and down and u should get it. :slight_smile:

it’s a rhythm you find with pulling your throw hand up and down. Don’t try to go so fast at first either slow it down and find your rhythm, I actually find each yoyo i do it on is a little differen’t too. Work with the yoyo and get a smooth up and down rhythm. this is a trick you get with time, once u find the rhythm you’ll be like “dude how did I not get this before”

bob and pinch

Some things I noticed as soon as I started to get it; If you’re not already doing so, turn your throw hand (top) palm up, don’t try to do it too fast start out slow and progress will come, I also find it easier to go into after a few barrel rolls.

I found that it’s easier for me to start boing e boing, when I pop the yoyo into the string like I’m doing a barrel roll and then start doing the boing e boing motion. Hope this helps, and if you still have questions message me =1

I know this sounds ridiculous, but if you know what a correct boing-e-boing looks like, you can just keep attempting it and one day you’ll notice it just starts working. For me anyway, it was unlike any other trick I learned where it slowly improved over time.

Don’t feel bad, this trick is really kicking my butt right now too. Just can’t seem to get it. But almost every trick I’ve been trying I have not had a ton of luck with then I get it and like others said you are like “How did I not get this it is so easy!”

That just happened with me and Eli Hops. I spent probably a good 2 or 3 weeks on that stupid trick and just couldn’t get it and watched videos slowed it down watched other peoples videos and just something wasn’t clicking. Then one day bam! There it was and now I can land three or 4 in a row like it is nothing and I just walk around doing it haha. It seems like most of the tricks are like that. At first I can’t figure it out and have no clue how to get it to work and after a little bit I get it and then it is second nature. Hope you and I both get this one soon!

I just recently got boingy-boing. It took longer than any other trick (5 months). I just practiced the motion and eventually I sorta got it.