Boingy Boing Need Help BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everyone, i really need help with my boingy boing. I suck at it. I can get into the mount and everything but once I try to boing it boings out of the string and then i try again and the same thing happens. Hope someone can help! Thanks



Or, look at the topic posted about 3 days ago.

move your hand up and down. /thread.


Practice. And use less exclamation points.

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Their is WAY To many of these.
Just stick to one thread people their was one last night as well,35446.0.html

Just look up a Tutorial Or Go on the CHAT and ask them , Get Live help

Just remember up and down slowly and then faster Boing - e Boing is not a trick that anyone can master in a minute.
Its one of those tricks that take time.


I took me like 3 months to learn. I wish I knew just to move your hand up and down.


If i was a mod, i would put all of these threads together and call it “If you suck at “boingy-boing” come here!”


When you get into the mount, move your finger up and down. it would also help to do two or three barrel rolls so you have less string before making it bounce. Remember, Up-down motion, not anything else. By the way, it took me 15 minutes to get it to start bouncing.


Let us all stop complaining and give help to this person!!! When I learned this trick I found that it helped a lot if you do atomic bomb first an use the momentum of that to get the boings going. I t also helps if you don’t pinch on either hand. When you do pinch it give it more of a jerky motion and is harder to control.


It helps me if I use the momentum from the split bottom mount to make it bounce and hold if you bottom hand tight and perfectly still, while bouncing the top hand up and down. This is double tasking like patting your head and rubbing your stomach it will take time longer if you can’t do that. The bounce will start to be farther out and in and if it pops out of the two strings redo the trick from the begging . Practice and don’t get discouraged of failure it is just an example of what not to do.


I’ll just note you that boingy boing is one of those tricks that come out a lot.
And I’ll tell you that I think each person has their own way of going around it. Just keep trying different things and see if you can get the hang of it some point.


I had trouble too, until I put my yoyo in a plastic bag and practiced the motion. This way it can’t fall out and it really helps. Just remember up and down not side to side, and practice.


Im still struggling with this trick like a mofo. I just cant get it to stay in between the strings for the life of me.

Nobody- What do you mean put a plastic bag around it? Ill take any advice right now so if you could explain exactly what to do with the plastic bag i would greatly appreciate it.



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Are you able to get the momentum going currently?


Step 1. Put yoyo in bag
Step 2. Put throw hand finger in plastic bag handles
Step 3. Do the boingy-boing motion
This way you can get the motion down without the yoyo falling out or dying.


Watch this:

If you learn it this way, you can get the feel for what you’re supposed to do without having to worry about the strings. Then once you have that down, it makes it easier to stay in the strings.